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      2. Shanghai jia cheng packaging machinery equipment manufacturing co., LTD!
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        Company profile
        Founded in 2000, Shanghai Jiacheng Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional company integrating technology research, development, manufacture and sale. We bring together a large number of professional and technical personnel of domestic packaging machinery, and have strong economic and technological power. 
        In 2004, our company put the first investment in Barley Bay Industrial Zone, covering an area of 15,600 square meters, and the new garden plant is over 8,600 square meters. Now our company owns sets of ... 

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        Contact us

        Shanghai Jiacheng Packaging Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

        Address:NO. 58-60 Hangfan Road, Damai Bay Zone, Pu Dong New District, Shang hai, China.

        Telephone : 021-68221060 68221061 68221182
        Fax : 021-58225678
        passcode: 201316

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